Hideo Kojima: Early Work, Stealth Game Innovation, and Konami Split

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima, the patriarch of stealth. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, Georges Seguin.

There are few names more recognizable in game development than Hideo Kojima, acclaimed director and creator of Metal Gearone of gaming history’s most famous franchises. Kojima’s creativity and powerful storytelling in the medium have influenced generations of developers and gamers since the 1980s, and nowhere has his influence been felt more than in the stealth genre.

Kojima’s pioneering stealth mechanics in the Metal Gear series popularized the genre among the gamer masses, and his work continues to leave ripples through modern stealth games. Beyond stealth, Kojima’s dedication and willingness to break through creative barriers and technological constraints are what make his games truly great. And despite the recent controversy with Konami, fans are sure to be enjoying Kojima’s games for years to come.

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Cold War Games: 4 History-Bending Titles Rife With Spy Rings, Conspiracies, And Nuclear Threats


Cold War games turn the propaganda and espionage that marked the near fifty-year conflict between the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc into interactive experiences. The Cold War lacked the direct combat situations of World Wars I and II, but the underground nature of the conflict meant that paranoia was at an all-time high.

Cold War games use this paranoia, mixed with a healthy dose of conspiracy, action, sci-fi, or humor elements, to turn history into an entertaining adventure. While these four games might not be the most historically accurate, they turn the Red Scare, Nuclear Arms Race, and political tensions of the era into riveting gameplay.

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