Types of Gamers: Breaking Down Preference Walls With Unique Games

Types of Gamers
For the types of gamers that like a challenge or a unique shooter experience,  Alekhine’s Gun is a great way to get a bit of both.

Though many different types of gamers exist, people who play games are often lumped into one large category. But not every player enjoys every kind of game—some people like fast-paced action, while other people like slower, more emotional work. Playing games that you enjoy is obviously a good thing, but limiting yourself to one genre without trying something new may mean that you’re missing out on your next new favorite.

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The Best Cinematic Games Draw from, but Don’t Recreate, Film

Alekhine's Gun video game with film noir elements conversation in hall
Video games with cinematic elements function best when they’re inspired by film, but don’t recreate the genre completely.

“Cinematic games” as a descriptor might call to mind games that are based around heavy cutscene use and epic stories, but that’s not all the term can mean. Film and video games have always been linked—they’re two of the most popular visual media types, and the visual style and storytelling of film often influences some of our favorite games. Whether it comes through in recreated shots, thematic elements, or other inspirations, film and television often inform the way that games look and feel.

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How the Best Video Game Stories Keep Players Intrigued

Best Video Game Stories
Many of the best video game stories use uncertainty and suspense to keep the player intrigued, as Alekhine’s Gun does.

The best video game stories can stick with us forever. Games that we played when we were young can still have an impact on how we think of stories, particularly due to their interactive nature. Though everybody likes something a little different in their games, there are still some key elements that typically make up the best video game stories.

What makes a good story isn’t the same across all media, but many elements are consistent across the board. In games, those elements must integrate seamlessly with gameplay. A story alone isn’t enough, if the gameplay is lacking; games can function with a bare-bones story, but the best are a seamless blend of both narrative and gameplay.

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How Video Game Deaths Can Be More than a Simple Mechanic

Video Game Deaths
Video game deaths have meaning in Alekhine’s Gun, as killing enemies can cause problems for the player if left in plain sight.

Video game deaths are usually a symbol of failure—if you’ve died, you’ve probably done something wrong. And when it comes to enemies, death means you’ve overcome a challenge. With most games now allowing for frequent saves and reloads, however, the gravity of these lessons has lost its weight, and the sting of deaths has lessened.

That’s not true for every game, though. Developers can be as daring with video game deaths as they are with any other mechanic, giving more power to each death or making it feel less important, depending on what suits the gameplay best. Video game deaths can be powerful, helping shape the story, gameplay, and atmosphere, depending on how they’re implemented. Continue reading

Favorite Game Franchises That Keep You Holding Out for More

Game Franchises
Fans of stealth game franchises like Death to Spies have been eagerly awaiting something new, and Alekhine’s Gun is just the thing.

While some game franchises get new entries year after year, others sit in limbo for some time, making players wonder if they’ll ever see another entry. The length of time it takes to develop a game, on top of monetary concerns and personal interest, can mean that games languish interminably, with fans uncertain whether they’ll ever get a sequel. Continue reading

Open Level vs. Open World Games: Smaller Zones Suit Some Gaming Genres Better

Open World
The tension and apprehension of Alekhine’s Gun wouldn’t work as well in an open world, where freedom of movement trumps confined quarters.

Open world games are some of the most popular of the moment. Games that weren’t open world before are getting in on the trend, creating worlds that can be explored at the player’s leisure rather than funneling them along through a storyline. Despite the popularity and prevalence of the trend, that doesn’t mean it’s right for every game—using open level design instead of true open worlds can have much of the same effect but while still giving some drive to a main plotline.

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Beating Games: How Modern Gaming Challenges Us Even When the Game Is Over

Beating Games
Beating games like Alekhine’s Gun can mean more than just completing the storyline thanks to additional challenges built into the game.

Beating games is a key part of the gamer experience, but as games get more complex, what actually constitutes beating a game has begun to change. Many games are no longer as linear as they once were, and the addition of collectibles, challenges, and multiplayer has muddied the water as to what beating games really means.

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Game Clones: Innovation in Gaming, not Impersonation, Makes for Excellent Reimaginings

Game Clones
Alekhine’s Gun draws inspiration from the Hitman series, putting its own unique spin on the mechanics.

Some of our favorite modern games were inspired by others that came before them. Like familiar tales that we see again and again in books and movies, game clones give a fresh take on our favorite stories by outfitting them with improved mechanics, new weaponry, or deeper storylines. So what is it that makes a good clone from a bad one, and how can we tell the difference? It’s a delicate combination of familiarity, innovation, and quality.

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How Evading Enemies Works in Different Stealth Games

Alekhine's Gun Sneaking Games
Stealth games like Alekhine’s Gun heighten drama not only through the tense plot but also by requiring players to creep through levels and evade enemies.

Stealth games rely on characters being sneaky and secretive as they seek to avoid conflict, rather than confronting it head-on. But not all stealth games play alike—there are many different ways to handle stealth as a mechanic, and not all of them feel the same to the discerning player.

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3 Shooter Games That Defy Video Game Cliches and Create Refreshing Gameplay

Video Game Cliches
Alekhine’s Gun subverts many video game cliches with its intelligent enemies and blend of stealth and shooter elements.

Every video game genre has its cliches, and shooters are no exception. In fact, because shooters are one of the most popular genres, their cliches are more noticeable than in some other genres—to outsiders, it can sometimes appear that games are nothing but shooter cliches.

But video game cliches are an opportunity for developers to improve and subvert player expectations. Because cliches are familiar, it’s what we’ve come to expect—lots of random boxes and ammo mean you’re going to be in a shootout soon, and a Gatling gun means you’re likely to take out waves of enemies—playing off of those expectations can make a player excited even about overly familiar video game cliches.
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