Double Agents Add Twists and Treachery to Our Favorite Games


Double Agents Alekhine's Gun
Though Agent Alekhine is employed by the CIA in Alekhine’s Gun, he’s still seen as a double agent for his past with the KGB.

Double agents are a common feature of spy stories, making us question where each character’s loyalties lie. Though they’re often antagonistic, double agents are also captivating, driving some of our favorite video game plots into a world of confusion and suspicion. Whether you’re up against them or fighting at their side, these are a few of gaming’s best double agents.

Double Agents Metal Gear Solid V Revolver Ocelot
Metal Gear’s Ocelot is the picture-perfect double agent, as his motives are often clouded in mystery. Image Source: SuperSadistD via Wikia.

Revolver Ocelot’s Labyrinthine Loyalties Make Him the Perfect Double Agent 

How you feel about Revolver Ocelot depends upon which Metal Gear game you’re playing. Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, sometimes convenient ally,  Ocelot’s greatest loyalty seems to be to himself.

That might sound like it would make him a frustrating character, but that’s not the case. Hideo Kojima knows how to write a plot rife with twists and turns, and just because Ocelot has shown up as a double agent once doesn’t mean it’ll play out the same way each time. He ranges from staunch ally to double and triple agent, shaking up your expectations (and keeping you on your toes) each time he appears.

But it’s not just his unpredictability that makes him an intriguing character. Ocelot has a brilliant mind, making him an incredible ally or enemy. Even when his treachery targets you, you can’t help but appreciate his intelligence and wit. Rounded out with characteristics like a penchant for Spaghetti Westerns and a love for brutal torture, Ocelot is a personality that sticks out firmly in our memories as someone to be both loved and feared.

Double Agents
Playing as a double agent in Alekhine’s Gun makes the player an object of suspicion, even though Alekhine’s motives are noble.

Alekhine’s Gun Lets You Be the Double Agent

Double agents are often the opposition, but Alekhine’s Gun takes a different approach, letting you play as the double agent instead. As Agent Alekhine, you are a KGB counterintelligence agent employed by the CIA to eliminate a conspiracy that threatens the tentative Cold War peace. But from others’ perspectives, you’re a possible enemy agent—while you might be allied with the CIA for now, many of your fellow agents are unsure of where you really stand.

Alekhine’s intentions may be noble and he may truly be on the CIA’s side, but his nationality and history put him in a tense position for Cold War America. The Soviets were under constant suspicion from the US, and that suspicion drives much of the tension within the game’s stealth-based atmosphere.

All you can do as Agent Alekhine is ensure the job is done right and done well. There’s more at stake than prejudice, and it will take a team to eliminate the threat before it’s too late. Though Alekhine may be an object of suspicion, he still has to get the job done, no matter what obstacles arise in his path.

Double Agents Albert Wesker Resident Evil
Albert Wesker starts out as an ally but becomes one of Resident Evil’s primary villains. Image Source: Mateo22 via Wikia.

Double Crossing in Resident Evil Creates the Series’ Best Villain

Albert Wesker’s first appearance in Resident Evil is as the head of Special Tactics and Rescue Service, and an ally to Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Things rapidly take a turn for the worst when the team is attacked by dogs and humans infected with a zombie-like virus. Though Wesker makes a great ally, he’s also revealed as a traitor—his work with STARS is a ruse, as he’s really an Umbrella Corporation employee using STARS to test the effectiveness of the corporation’s Bio Organic Weapons.

From engineering the failure of Bravo Team’s helicopter engine that brings Alpha Team to the mansion to releasing the Tyrant against the player, Wesker orchestrates the entirety of Resident Evil’s events. Though he appears first as an ally, he quickly becomes the series’ most iconic villain—his apparent death in the first game is a ruse, and he comes back again and again, more fearsome and conniving every time.

Wesker is a villain who perfectly encapsulates manipulative, selfish evil with style. He’s an excellent love-to-hate bad guy, the mastermind behind schemes even when it seems like he should be dead. Half the fun of untangling Resident Evil’s plotlines is figuring out how Wesker is involved and how his latest incarnation will top the last, all originating in that first reveal of his double agent status.

Double Agents Infuse Games with Unpredictability

Double agents are rarely simple individuals—what makes them interesting is their complex alliances, intriguing personalities, and fascinating motivations. Whether you’re fighting against them in Resident Evil, questioning alliances in the Metal Gear series, or playing a risky role as a double agent yourself in Alekhine’s Gun, these characters add a degree of suspicion to games that keeps you hooked.

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