New Games for 2016 Include Striking, Fresh IPs and Refined Mechanics

Games for 2016
Alekhine’s Gun is an exciting new IP from Maximum Games, featuring dedicated stealth mechanics in the historical Cold War setting.

Many new games for 2016 promise to offer the perfect blend of originality and familiarity, putting new twists on mechanics we love and experimenting with new visions and stories. While there will always be reboots and sequels, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for gamers of all types and interests. From shooters to puzzles to exploration, games for 2016 blend genres and defy classification. These are just a few of the best-looking new IPs of this year, all of them unique and interesting to new and established gamers.

Games for 2016
Firewatch combines exploration, isolation, and mystery with gorgeous visuals for an immersive new experience. Image Source:

Explore the Wilderness of Wyoming in Campo Santo’s Firewatch

Though Firewatch already released on February 9, it’s been highly anticipated since its announcement. Combining the powerful storytelling of many of today’s indie games with gorgeous visuals and an open world to explore, Firewatch attracted a lot of attention for its unique and fresh take on gaming.

As a fire lookout named Henry, you spend your summer in the wilderness of Wyoming, keeping an eye out for signs of fire in the unusually dry weather. But that doesn’t last—Henry is drawn into a mystery that threatens his relationships with others, with most of the game’s interactions taking place over a two-way radio, emphasizing the level of isolation.

While it builds on the popularity of interactive story titles like Gone Home and Telltale’s oeuvre, Firewatch does it in a unique fashion. Without quicktime events, your typical game user interface, or common game mechanics like combat, you’re left alone in the wilderness with a single connection to humanity via your walkie-talkie. The isolation helps you appreciate the incredible art direction and character depth, which are often missing from faster paced adventure games.

Games for 2016
In Alekhine’s Gun, you’ll take on 11 different open levels, avoiding or engaging in espionage-based combat with a variety of foes.

Alekhine’s Gun Takes Players Through a Cold War Conspiracy 

Alekhine’s Gun is the perfect mix of familiar game elements and innovation. As a spiritual successor to the cult hit Death to Spies series, Alekhine’s Gun brings the complexity and intensity of stealth mechanics to the new generation.

As Agent Alekhine, players will navigate the atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia that pervaded Cold War America. A former KGB spy, Alekhine is employed by the CIA to help root out a growing anti-government conspiracy that threatens the world’s tenuous peace. Featuring intelligent enemies and an open level design that allows players to choose their own path and approach, whether focusing on stealth or outright assault, Alekhine’s Gun merges our favorite stealth mechanics with a truly modern feel.

Though many of today’s games try to appeal to as wide a market as possible, Alekhine’s Gun is focused on providing a true stealth experience that draws in players who seek quality rather than dumbed-down mechanics. This dedication to the gaming experience makes it a unique game in the action and stealth genres; for players who like a challenge or a bit of a brain-teaser, Alekhine’s Gun provides the intellectual and technical skill test you’re after.

Games For 2016
No Man’s Sky makes space travel personal, allowing players to explore a procedurally generated universe at their will. Image Source:

Go Boldly into Space in No Man’s Sky

Many current games are taking the dark and gritty approach, but No Man’s Sky does the opposite—it’s colorful, open, and ultimately based on the excitement of exploration rather than direct combat. Its online multiplayer is not based in PVP, raiding, or dungeons, as we might expect from models like World of Warcraft or Battlefield; instead, players will rarely run into one another as they explore the vast reaches of the in-game universe.

Despite suffering some delays, the game is slated for release in June of 2016, and gamers are eagerly awaiting this deviation from the norm. While other space travel games exist, they’re typically focused on different areas of gaming—for example, Mass Effect is a story-based RPG, while EVE Online‘s complex economics and steep learning curve sometimes turn off players interested in exploring space. No Man’s Sky will allow players to explore on their own terms, discovering planets, species, and resources as they go.

That doesn’t mean that it’s all exploration and no fighting; No Man’s Sky pits players against strong enemies, with death having lasting consequences in the game’s universe. This universe is a dangerous place, and surviving No Man’s Sky won’t be easy. It’s this delicate balance of beauty, exploration, and struggle that makes it so appealing—there’s something for everybody in this title, drawing fans from across the board.

New Games for 2016 Exemplify Creativity and Innovation in Gaming Industry

These upcoming games for 2016 run the gamut from sequels and reboots to fresh new IPs like these. Though every year has its game development trends, 2016 boasts a spread of gorgeous, inventive new titles that mix the innovation we want with the familiarity we need, ensuring that we find new games to love for the coming year. Whatever your favorite genre, there’s something original in this year’s lineup of games.

Alekhine’s Gun takes the stealth mechanics we know and love and perfects them with sophisticated AI and a true dedication to the ultimate espionage experience. Preorder your copy now!