Creating the Best Video Game Villains with Mystery and Motive

Video Game Villains
Villains in Alekhine’s Gun are embroiled in an anti-government conspiracy, making them shadowy, suspicious characters.

Video game villains are made more memorable by being baddies we take down ourselves. There’s nothing quite like defeating an enemy who has plagued you for the course of an entire game, mixing the drive of the protagonist with your own to make the antagonist’s defeat all the more satisfying.

A challenge can be fun without great characterization, but the best video game villains are intriguing, complex, and just dastardly enough to be worth defeating. Our favorite enemies are those that go beyond the cardboard, mustache-twirling stereotype, bringing unique elements and backstory to their villainy.

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Historical Setting Accuracy Paints Immersive, Intriguing Portraits of History

Historical Setting
The historical details of Alekhine’s Gun make for a richer gaming experience, as players grapple with the spy techniques of the Cold War era.

Creating an immersive historical setting is more than just saying that a game takes place in a given era. Visuals, characters, and technological details help create a more realistic and believable historical setting, which can have numerous impacts on how players experience and perceive the time and location of the action.
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One-Player Games Use Story and Genre to Prioritize Solitary Fun

One Player Games
The intense stealth atmosphere in Alekhine’s Gun is best served by a single player experience.

From arcade cabinets to franchises like BioShock and Fallout, one-player games remain popular, despite the increased inclusion and prioritization of multiplayer modes in today’s games. Though multiplayer options are cropping up in previously single player games (and even getting their own releases), there’s just something about one-player games that will stand the test of time.

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Assassin Versus Thief Games: How Professions Influence Stealth Mechanics

Thief Games
Alekhine’s Gun is the perfect blend of mechanics suited to both assassin and thief games.

It’s no surprise that assassin and thief games are both lumped under the stealth umbrella. By their nature, games that use assassins or thieves as their main characters rely on stealth and subtlety in a way that many others don’t—it’s important to remain undiscovered when you’re trying to steal or kill covertly.

But despite the fact that both of these genres use stealth techniques, they often play very differently. There are benefits to both types of characters, but their unique attributes can shape the way players approach assassin and thief games.

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Making Frustrating Games Fun: How to Tackle the Toughest Gaming Challenges

Frustrating Games
Alekhine’s Gun presents different challenges for players, all of which can be overcome through perseverance.

Frustrating games might not sound like something good—after all, frustration and fun seem like they exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. But games that are created with difficulty in mind can be rewarding if you push through the frustration, provided you approach them the right way.

Playing difficult games is like gaining any other skill; it requires practice, learning, and perseverance to make it through the initial frustration and into the fun. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll find the enjoyment that’s just beyond the irritation in games of any genre.

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Like Perplexing Puzzle Game Fun? Other Game Genres that Offer Intellectual Challenges

Puzzle Game
Stealth games like Alekhine’s Gun challenge players to think ahead and formulate an effective plan.

A good puzzle game tests your smarts as well as your patience. Though the genre can be challenging for the uninitiated, puzzle games enable creative thinking, encouraging you to use your brain rather than brute force to make it through a challenge.

But puzzle games aren’t the only ones that can provide a good test of intelligence as well as skill; other genres can have a similar thought-provoking effect. Not all games are a cerebral experience, but some genres lend themselves well to adding a mental challenge on top of the test of skill and reflexes that games are usually known for.

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The Good Game Delay: When A Late Release Is Worth It

Game Delay
Alekhine’s Gun‘s delay was to ensure a more synchronous worldwide release, giving fans around the world to opportunity to enjoy the new IP.

There’s no getting around it—a game delay is disappointing. But disappointment doesn’t mean that a delay will be a bad thing; legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto is quoted as saying, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” Despite patches, DLC, and expansions, this still rings true today.

A game delay is an opportunity for developers to get it right. There are numerous reasons to hold off on a game’s release, and while not all of them might be to a fan’s liking, there are genuine reasons to celebrate a game’s delay rather than mourn it.

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3 Ways Games With Levels Can Prevent Overleveling

Games With Levels
Alekhine’s Gun features an post-level ranking system, which can motivate players to keep things challenging.

Games with levels and leveling systems often give players more control over their characters, letting them determine their skills and progression. The downside of this is that sometimes a player’s level outgrows the game, making previously difficult enemies into mere annoyances. While consistently crushing enemies can be fun for a time, domination without a single loss rarely holds a player’s attention for long.

To keep players from overleveling and making a game too easy, developers can present alternative challenges or make the game’s difficulty scale with the player’s progress. But if these techniques aren’t deployed evenly, the game can get too difficult too quickly, trapping the player in a cycle of frustration. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure a player doesn’t outgrow a game too quickly.

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Popular Survival Games May Signal the New Age of Stealth

Survival Games
Survival games, like stealth games, put the player in a more vulnerable position than many other genres. Image Source:

Survival games aren’t exactly a new genre, but they’re seeing increased popularity right now thanks to their unique challenges and the emergence of popular games like Minecraft (which incorporates survival elements). While it seems like the market is saturated with survival games at the moment, with titles like Rust, The Long Dark, Dying Light, and even survival elements in AAA series like Rise of the Tomb Raider, the genre’s popularity may also be signaling the resurgence of stealth, which is often tied into survival games as well.

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Types of Gamers: Breaking Down Preference Walls With Unique Games

Types of Gamers
For the types of gamers that like a challenge or a unique shooter experience,  Alekhine’s Gun is a great way to get a bit of both.

Though many different types of gamers exist, people who play games are often lumped into one large category. But not every player enjoys every kind of game—some people like fast-paced action, while other people like slower, more emotional work. Playing games that you enjoy is obviously a good thing, but limiting yourself to one genre without trying something new may mean that you’re missing out on your next new favorite.

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