Historical Secret Agents Inspire and Influence Gaming’s Best Spies

Stealth Video Game Alekhine's Gun
Alekhine’s Gun follows the story of Agent Alekhine, a KGB agent working with the CIA to uncover a global anti-government conspiracy.

Secret agents are crucial to a nation’s security, but they’re also excellent fodder for fiction. Because FPS video games are so often set during wartime, traits, skill sets, and situations from these historical figures often make their way into the games. Infusing a fictitious plotline with real tidbits from the past can create compelling original narratives that shine in historical games. But the actual history of some of the world’s greatest covert operatives is just as fascinating as the fictional stories, and these secret agents exemplify the power of both history and fiction. 
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Historical Setting Accuracy Paints Immersive, Intriguing Portraits of History

Historical Setting
The historical details of Alekhine’s Gun make for a richer gaming experience, as players grapple with the spy techniques of the Cold War era.

Creating an immersive historical setting is more than just saying that a game takes place in a given era. Visuals, characters, and technological details help create a more realistic and believable historical setting, which can have numerous impacts on how players experience and perceive the time and location of the action.
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How World History Games, Books, and Movies Educate Through Entertainment

World History Games
Alekhine’s Gun is intended to entertain, but like many world history games, its setting and details also provide some intriguing aspects of history.

World history games put players in the middle of some of history’s biggest moments, letting them live out the past. Few of these games are meant to be educational, but being a participant in history, even fictionalized history, can still be an interesting and inspiring experience that makes people want to learn more.
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Historical Games Tackle World War II, Drawing New Game Stories from Real Combat

Historical Games
Alekhine’s Gun takes place primarily during the Cold War, but, like many historical games, World War II plays a significant role.

Historical games come in many forms, but there’s a particular interest in games set during the World War II era. Easily the most popular time period for historical games, World War II provides a familiar, easily recognizable backdrop even for people who aren’t all that interested in history, creating a stable time and place that appeals to multiple demographics.

But it’s not just because of convenience that historical games of the WWII era are popular. There are a lot of reasons that so many stories are set in this time period, and the way that historical games frame the story can shift the way we think about it. Setting is a useful tool in any work of fiction, and World War II lends a particular gravity and menace to a story in any medium.
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