The World of Alekhine’s Gun is Filled With Colorful and Devious Characters



Semyon Strogov, AKA Agent Alekhine, is recruited by the CIA to root out an anti-government conspiracy buried deep in the ranks of America’s foremost intelligence agency. As Agent Alekhine, formerly a counterintelligence agent during World War II, you must uncover who is behind the plot to destroy the delicate peace between Soviet Russia and the United States before the conflict escalates to all-out war. With a wealth of skills as a master assassin and espionage expert, Alekhine must eliminate enemy conspirators, steal secret documents, and infiltrate compounds to complete objectives and root out the clandestine nature of the Cold War conflict.

As a master assassin and spy, Alekhine has an abundance of knowledge of lethal combat, stealth, and a variety of espionage necessities ranging from guns to poisons to disguises. Armed with the knowledge of a World War II-era KGB agent and the powerful backing of America’s CIA, Alekhine is prepared to do what it takes to find the source of the anti-government conspiracy and end it by any means necessary.



American CIA agent Vincent Rambaldi and Semyon Strogov became friends after Strogov saved him from certain death in a Gestapo prison. Though they went their separate ways after World War II ended, Rambaldi has reached out to Strogov for help—the CIA is engaged in an anti-government conspiracy from within its own ranks, and the organization needs the best to combat the worst. Despite the tension between Soviet Russia and the United States, Rambaldi and Strogov make an ideal team to deal with the rising pressure of the Cold War and the conspiracy brewing in the CIA’s ranks.

Though Rambaldi is intelligent and cautious in his approach to espionage, he’s also sentimental and potentially too trusting—a compromising trait when dealing with conspirators and double-crossers. Strogov—under the name Alekhine—is more serious and stoic than his friend, making them a formidable pair. Together with Agent Alekhine, Rambaldi aims to find those responsible for the escalating tension between the Soviets and America before the conflict turns to aggression.



American CIA agent Andrew Pearson is a colleague to Vincent Rambaldi and fellow investigator of the conspiracy at work in the CIA. Intensely patriotic, potentially even to the point of recklessness, Pearson puts his country first in every situation. Though this makes him an excellent CIA agent, his rashness sometimes means he judges and acts before thinking.

Skilled, driven, and passionate, Pearson is an intimidating agent despite his tendency to let ideology inform his actions—he has a black-and-white mentality that means he has a more suspicious nature than agents like Rambaldi, particularly of outsiders like Alekhine. Pearson takes an immediate dislike to the stoic and occasionally standoffish Alekhine. Working with foreign agents like Alekhine and Pavlova will put his prejudice to the test, requiring him to control his more suspicious nature or potentially jeopardize the mission.



Vera Pavlova is a comrade lieutenant to Strogov in the KGB. A fellow recruit of the CIA, Pavlova stands in contrast to Strogov—they’re both armed with the skills and support of each organization, but Pavlova is the witty, amiable counterpoint to Strogov’s stoicism and serious nature. While she’s relaxed and friendly, that doesn’t mean she’s not a deadly force; Pavlova is perfectly capable of holding her own against enemy forces, and her levity provides an excellent balance to Strogov’s strict Russian soldier persona.

Younger and more relaxed than her fellow KGB and CIA agents, Pavlova finds Strogov’s reserved nature endearing rather than intimidating. Though her approaches to conflict may differ from those of her comrades, they are still more than enough to get the job done. Unearthing the conspiracy growing in the CIA’s inner sanctum will be a supreme test of her intellect and talents, and it will push her further than any previous mission.

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