Numerous Exciting Missions Keep Alekhine’s Gun Players On Their Toes

Alekhine’s Gun lets players explore the tension and nuclear threat that characterized the Cold War as Agent Alekhine, Soviet assassin turned CIA recruit. Using espionage and combat tactics, Alekhine will face off against formidable foes, doing anything it takes to get to the heart of a global conspiracy before those behind it decide the fate of the world.



As a trained assassin and spy, Alekhine is well versed in the art of tactical espionage. Infiltrate enemy compounds using disguises to hide among staff, including chefs, bartenders, and handymen. Keep to the shadows and avoid detection, relying on stealth to keep you out of enemy sight. With disguises and confidence, Alekhine can gain entrance to prohibited areas without firing a single bullet. Think outside the box—the choices are up to you as you delve into your mission with the freedom to explore a variety of play styles. Creativity and strategic thinking will get you to your goal rather than straightforward gameplay with one weapon and one objective.


Steal Documents

Infiltration isn’t your only goal—in the Cold War, knowledge is key. Sneak past guards and kingpins to steal important documents and hold off the conflict a little longer. It won’t always be peaceful. Alekhine can use deadly force if necessary—including firearms, wire garrotes, and poisons—to take out the opposition. Do whatever it takes to prevent crucial information from falling into the wrong hands.



Assassinate Targets

Some people are just too bad to live, and Agent Alekhine is well equipped to handle them. Using his arsenal of skills and weaponry, Alekhine can take down foes through a variety of methods both flashy and subtle. Weapons range from poisons and chloroform to machine guns and silent pistols, and the higher the stealth rankings the more options are unlocked to add to this arsenal. Take out key powers in a blaze of gunfire or arrange for charismatic leaders to have tricky little “accidents”—whatever route you choose, be assured that your choices will have consequences.


Engage In Espionage

Being a master spy isn’t just about knowing where to shoot and when to hide. As Agent Alekhine, you’ll be tasked with eliminating threats in all forms, including deactivating wiretaps and explosives, as well as placing a few of your own. You won’t just need to get in—escape is a crucial part of any spy mission, and it will take every tool in Alekhine’s arsenal to ensure he makes it out alive.


Exchange Information

Controlling the flow of knowledge is an important part of spy work, and Alekhine will need to tail enemies, take photos, and meet up with conspirators to ensure information gets where it’s supposed to go without interruption. Don’t get too close—in Alekhine’s Gun, enemies are intelligent, meaning they’ll be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Keep it covert or risk detection.


Explore Rich Settings

Discover the hidden secrets of detailed environments in the open-game levels of Alekhine’s Gun. There isn’t just one route to success—find hidden rooms and other advantages in the game’s open maps, allowing you to scout out the most advantageous route to close out your mission. Set in Europe, the United States, and Cuba, each location is different from the last, encouraging variations in play styles and requiring you to think before you act or risk blowing your cover.

Game Manuals

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Download PS4 TM Manual Download XBox One Manual