Update on Alekhine’s Gun patch for Xbox One

Thank you to all who have voiced concerns about the Xbox One version of Alekhine’s Gun. The good news is the patch is coming! ETA for this patch is early July. It will fix the Chameleon achievement, improve stability, and reduce frequency of crashes. We hope you will continue to enjoy the game and hopefully even more so with the upcoming patch you have been asking for. Please email [email protected] with additional questions or concerns, including bug reports. Please include your platform or operating system and any other relevant information. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Maximum Games

Maximum Games Addresses Gamers’ Concerns with Patches for Alekhine’s Gun

Thank you to all those who are playing Alekhine’s Gun and participating in discussions about the game. We are working to push out patches to fix crashes, errors, and other technical issues that have been brought to our attention. We thank you for your passionate interest in Alekhine’s Gun, and your continued patience as we work through these issues.

So far, we’ve released V1.01 of Alekhine’s Gun for PC, which fixes several known issues in the game such as crash fixes and technical problems like elevator doors not opening and an error with enemies killed in accidents being flagged incorrectly. For PlayStation 4, we recently released a patch that fixes trophies.

This Friday we are issuing a V1.02 patch for the PC version of the game that will accomplish the following:

New features:

– Full Game level statistics showing level rating & other info
– Quick saves
– Controller Y-axis inverting option
– Autosaves on objective completion
– New remote distracting device (Decoy)
– Player backlighting switch option
– Map zoom saving


– All Levels balanced for Extreme difficulty (to get Ghost Rating).
– Phantom Achievement not called in some situations
– Chameleon Achievement not called because of missing disguise
– Steam Achievements not always synchronized when playing offline
– Machine gun flying when cook pouring drink in “Dogs of War” level
– Russian localization errors
– Stuck during exit from one of the ships in “Points on the Radar” level
– French localization errors
– Some crashes and other small errors

IMPORTANT: Because we’ve added new features to the settings menu, the save files will no longer be compatible. This means that while you will still be able to access all of the unlocked levels you’ve reached, your previously saved checkpoints within each level will reset. Unlocked weapons, upgrades and RP points will not be affected. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. Unfortunately, this is the only way to complete this level of improvements within the game.

Next on our list is applying a trophy fix for Xbox One players. While we don’t yet have a release date for that patch, we want to assure you that it is on the way. Please continue forwarding your concerns to us, as your feedback helps us address the most prevalent issues as well as gauge what new features we can employ in Alekhine’s Gun.

We want to thank you again for playing the game and your patience as we work out these issues. We’re committed to delivering you a first-class gaming experience, and we’re working to make that happen by continuing to patch and adjust Alekhine’s Gun as needed.

We will continually update this space with information about release dates for upcoming patches as soon as it becomes available. Thank you again for your continued interest in Alekhine’s Gun and our other games–your feedback is important to us.

Please email [email protected] with additional questions or concerns, including bug reports. Please include your platform or operating system and any other relevant information.

Can’t Play Alekhine’s Gun on Your PC? Here’s Your Fix

Hello everyone,

If you’re having trouble playing Alekhine’s Gun on PC (both the disc and Steam versions), you are not alone, and there’s no need to worry. Just follow this quick fix!

An update issued today, March 23, to Windows Defender incorrectly identifies AlekhinesGun.exe as containing a known Trojan virus. Once it detects the “error,” Defender does its job and automatically quarantines the file. When this happens, the game will not launch.

Here’s how to fix the issue:

  • Open Windows Defender.
  • Click on the “History” tab.
  • Click the “View Details” button. This will show you the quarantined items.
  • Click on the items associated with AlekhinesGun.exe and select “Allow” from the dropdown box on the right of each row. Do not do this for other quarantined items, as it could damage your computer. (An image showing the appropriate files is below)
  • The game should now be playable again.


Sorry for the scare, and thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Thank you,

-Brian Albert, Manager of PR and Social Media

New Screenshots & Art Sneak Peek…

We hope you caught our new teaser trailer, released last week*. Today, we have some exciting new screenshots for you (shown directly below), as well as a preview of the stylistic film noir art direction driving the game’s cut scenes.

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Alekhine’s Gun at E3

We recently got back from an amazing E3 where we debuted Alekhine’s Gun! It was a lot of fun to show off the game to the press and to fans. Our team could barely get a lunch break in because everyone wanted to get their hands on the demo. The line never ended!

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Introducing Alekhine’s Gun

To kill or not to kill?

That is a choice you must constantly make as Agent Alekhine, a Soviet assassin recruited by the CIA during the Cold War. At the height of extreme political and military tension, your involvement in the world of espionage has led you to the center of a giant conspiracy that could lead to the unraveling of the U.S. – or worse.

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